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How Many Beers Are In A Mini Keg?

There’s nothing fairly as irritating for beer lovers as shopping for a keg solely to search out on the market isn’t sufficient beer to fulfill your wants. Conversely, shopping for too giant a keg means you’ve gotten leftover beer that you just don’t know what to do with and that permits your draft beer to go flat in a day or two. 

Fortunately, we’re right here to assist reply the important query of what number of beers are in a mini keg to make sure you are buying the correct quantity of beer on your occasion. 

On common, mini-kegs maintain roughly 14 twelve-ounce beers. Listed below are a couple of suggestions to make sure you buy the right measurement keg on your occasion. 

Keg Sizes and Sorts

Kegs are available all completely different styles and sizes. When discussing an ordinary beer keg, it is not uncommon for our minds to right away take us to the commonest sort, the well-known half-barrel keg. This frequent keg measurement is the kind of keg you see within the motion pictures on the frat events with individuals taking part in keg stands.

Happily, you’ve gotten choices in case you’re having a celebration and don’t require that a lot faucet beer. Perhaps you want extra beer than a half-barrel keg can supply however don’t fairly want two total half-barrel kegs. 

Or, you’re internet hosting a small celebration, nevertheless it’s more cost effective to buy a keg as an alternative of beer in cans. That is the place 1 / 4 barrel keg, a sixth barrel keg, a Cornelius keg, and the mini-keg turn out to be useful. 

Here’s a breakdown of the varied keg names and their beer capability by barrel measurement to higher improve your keg data. 

  • Half-Barrel Keg – an average-sized keg, also called a half-barrel keg, holds roughly 165 twelve-ounce beers. This equals 124 pints or 15.5 gallons of beer.
  • Slim Quarter – a Slim Quarter keg holds 82 twelve-ounce cans, equal to 62 pints of beer. It has a 7.75-gallon capability, a diameter of 11 ⅛ inches, and a top of 23 ⅜ inches.
  • Quarter Barrel – a Quarter keg has the identical beer capability because the slim quarter keg however has a higher width with a diameter of 16 ⅛ inches. Which means that additionally it is shorter than the Slim Quarter at 13 ⅞ inches. 
  • Sixth Barrel – a Sixth Barrel holds roughly 56 twelve-ounce cans or 42 pints of beer per keg. This converts to a 5.16-gallon capability. 
  • Cornelius Keg – Cornelius Kegs are barely smaller than Sixth Barrel kegs and maintain 53 twelve-ounce cans or 40 pints, giving it a five-gallon capability. 
  • Mini keg – the runt of the litter, and why we’re all right here immediately is the Mini Keg. A Mini Keg holds roughly 14 twelve-ounce beers or 10.6 pints. It has a 1.32-gallon capability.

Every keg sort has a particular function and is helpful for various occasions or settings. For example, Cornelius and Sixth Barrel kegs are sometimes used for residence brewing and are simple to fill and clear and supply a neater solution to distribute their brew than bottling affords. 

Alternatively, Slim Quarter and Quarter Barrel kegs are used for small events, whereas the Half-Barrel kegs are well-liked for bigger events. 

Lastly, the Mini Keg is a one-time use barrel of beer because it solely holds 14 beers. It’s moveable, making it an important possibility in case you’re planning to go to a pal for a home celebration or sporting occasion. 

Keg Shopping for Information

The quantity of beer you get per particular person depends upon the aim of the beer and what occasion it’s catering to. Is it for a marriage? If that’s the case, you may not want as a lot beer as you’ll for Friday evening school keg events. 

Equally, are you serving a bunch of heavy beer drinkers? Or do they like to sip on one or two beers and name it good? These are all questions you need to contemplate earlier than making a keg buy. 

Here’s a breakdown of what number of beer servings per particular person it’s best to contemplate buying relying on the occasion you’re getting the beer for:

  • Marriage ceremony – 2 to five beers per particular person.
  • Sports activities Tailgating Occasion – 8 to 10 beers per particular person.
  • School Occasion – 10 to 12 beers per particular person. 
  • School Commencement Occasion – 10 to 12 beers per particular person.
  • twenty first Birthday Occasion – 10 to 12 beers per particular person. 
  • Bachelor/Bachelorette Occasion – 6 to 10 beers per particular person.
  • Household get-together – 2 to 4 beers per particular person. 

As beforehand talked about, this estimate solely depends upon the group. When you have a number of drinkers within the household, chances are you’ll wish to buy 8 to 10 beers per particular person for the household marriage ceremony. Or, in case you are at a sports activities tailgating occasion with your loved ones that features kids, 2–3 beers an individual will suffice. 

If you’re out there for a mini keg, you already know that it usually solely serves one, perhaps two individuals. Due to this fact, it gained’t suffice for an enormous occasion. Nonetheless, in case you are attending a big occasion like those talked about above and end up in a BYOB scenario, a mini keg is an ideal possibility.

Keg Price

The price of the keg depends upon the dimensions, sort, and model of beer you buy. If you happen to select home beers like Bud Mild or Coors, you’ll spend quite a bit much less beer cash than in case you select one of many well-liked import manufacturers, a darker beer and even craft beer. 


Whether or not you’re a beer aficionado trying to find a Mini Beer Keg to share your beer enjoyment with a detailed pal or as your lifeline for the household get-together, they’re single-use and the right capability for one to 2 individuals. The typical mini beer keg holds 14 twelve-ounce beers and is an economical solution to take pleasure in contemporary, bubbly beer. 



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