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Beers With The Highest Alcohol Content material

If you consider beer with excessive alcohol content material, you might consider IPA’s which have 7-10% alcohol by quantity. Properly, these beers seem like Coors Mild compared to a few of the ones on our listing. The 5 highest alcohol content material beers are extra harking back to whiskey than beer by way of ABV. Along with these beers, we’ll focus on the best ABV home beers and light-weight beers. So regardless of the motive you might be in search of excessive alcohol content material beer, we’ve received you coated.

5 Beers with the Highest Alcohol Content material

5. Sam Adams Utopias

highest alcohol content beers

Sam Adams Utopias is available in at #5 (or #7) on our listing, however it’s the strongest American made beer. Utopias is available in at 29% ABV, and one 12 ounce bottle will value over $200. It’s restricted version, so you might wrestle discovering a bottle, or paying over retail value if you happen to do.

4. Baladin Espirit de Noel

Espirit de Noel is a distilled beer that’s aged in oak barrels. At 40% ABV, the oaky and chocolate notes are harking back to whiskey. Whereas this beer involves us out of Italy, I might examine it to some Irish whiskey akin to Jameson. This distilled beer is available in a 500 ml wine bottle and prices about $65.

3. BrewDog Sink The Bismark

At 41%, this imperial IPA comes with all of the hoppy flavors you need from an IPA with much more alcohol. Based in Scotland, BrewDog was created to introduce stronger, extra thrilling beers. They do have a stronger possibility, BrewDog Finish of Historical past, however it is available in at about $20,000 per bottle. Sink The Bismark retails for simply over $100.

2. SchorschBrau Schorschbock 57% / 43%

SchorschBrau has 2 of the best alcohol content material beers on the planet at 57 and 43% ABV. These beers come to us out of Germany and are offered in mini 40ml bottles. Whereas it appears bizarre to drink beer in such small quantities, 57% alcohol by quantity is not any straightforward sip.

1. Brewmeister Snake Venom / Brewmeister Armageddon

Brewmeister produces the two strongest beers on the planet. The Snake Venom and Armageddon are available in at 67.5% and 65% respectively. The Armageddon has been discontinued, so that you’ll have extra luck discovering Brewmeister Snake Venom. As you’ll be able to think about, at 67.5% ABV that is no straightforward beer to drink. It additionally lacks any carbonation because of the excessive alcohol content material.

A 12 ounce bottle of Snake Venom prices about $50.

Home Beers with the Highest Alcohol Content material

All however one of many beers on our highest ABV beers listing are worldwide beers. So, we figured we must always provide you with a secondary listing. One with beers which are extra available to you.

Whereas the Sam Adams Utopias is the strongest possibility, we’re not together with it on this listing because it was featured within the earlier one. Be happy to take a look at our publish on different excessive ABV beers!

3. DuClaw Brewing Colossus

This 20% ABV barrel-aged beer tastes like a cross of malt liquor and whiskey. Notes of oak and apple sit over a candy and nutty taste. DuClaw Brewing is a craft brewery out of Maryland and is offered in 21 states – totally on the east coast. Except a pair states, if you happen to stay east of Illinois it is best to be capable to discover a 16oz can of a DuClaw Brewing Colossus.

2. Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA

Dogfish Head Craft Brewery brews a 60, 90, and 120 Minute IPA. They clock in at 6%, 9%, and 15-20% respectively. In the event you’re in search of a hoppy IPA with some resin characters, the 120 Minute IPA may be for you. 15-20% ABV a little bit too hefty for you? Their 60 and 90 Minute IPA’s are nice choices that may be a bit simpler to throw again.

1. The Bruery Black Tuesday

Yearly The Bruery releases a model of their Black Tuesday beer. It often is available in proper across the 20% ABV mark. This yr it’s a rye barrel-aged imperial stout. It clocks in at 20.2% alcohol by quantity and is offered in a 750ml bottle.

As an imperial stout, it’s meant to have sturdy chocolate, toffee, and darkish fruit notes. After spending 24 months in rye whiskey barrels, there are positive to be notes of wooden and peppery spice. 2022’s Black Tuesday is on the market to be shipped on 04/14/2022.

Mild Beers with the Highest Alcohol Content material

Okay, you need to drink gentle beer however don’t need to drink 10 to get a buzz. The 4.2% ABV beers simply aren’t reducing it for you, however you don’t need a 200+ calorie craft beer. Properly, we’ve received you coated. This listing covers three of one of the best excessive(er) ABV beers with low a low calorie rely.

light beer with the highest alcohol content

3. Bud Mild Platinum

Bud Mild Platinum is the excessive ABV, low-calorie Budweiser possibility. It clocks in at 6% ABV, has 139 energy, and 5g of carbs. For my part, Bud Mild Platinum is the best choice on the market with regards to excessive ABV gentle beers. First, you’ll find a 6 or 12-pack at just about any liquor retailer or fuel station. And most significantly, it has extra alcohol and fewer energy than your common beer.

2. King Cobra Malt Liquor

King Cobra is a premium Malt Liquor produced by Anheuser-Busch. Because it’s a premium malt liquor, you might be more likely to discover it offered as a ‘forty’ or a forty ounce glass. Nevertheless, they’re additionally offered in 16 ouncescans. It is available in at 6% ABV, 133 energy, and 4.3g carbs. We’re more likely to drink Bud Mild Platinum, however King Cobra is an efficient finances possibility.

1. Natty Daddy and Natty Ice

Anheuser-Busch goes 3-for-3 on our listing with a Natty Daddy and Pure ‘Natty’ Ice taking spot primary. I do know many individuals could shutter on the thought of consuming a Natty, however they’re on the high spot for good motive. School college students are Pure Mild’s largest market, a lot of what they do is tailor-made to that demographic. Properly, few individuals can get drunk on a finances like a school child. These beers are low cost, have excessive alcohol content material, and are low in energy.

Natty Daddy is a 8% ABV malt liquor. It shares the primary sport with Pure Ice as a result of it has 183 energy and 5g carbs. Whereas it is probably not as low calorie as you’d like, beneath 200 energy for an 8% beer is fairly good.

Natty Ice is true on par with Bud Mild Platinum. It is available in at 5.9% ABV with 135 energy and 4.2g carbs. Whereas I favor Bud Mild Platinum, Natty Ice is a good possibility for you.

Highest Alcohol Content material Beers Abstract

As we promised, our listing comprises all the explanations you might be trying to find beers with the best alcohol content material. You’re curious what the strongest beers are on the planet? In search of the best abv beers you’ll find within the States? Making an attempt to get intoxicated on gentle, low-calorie beer? There’s a beer for all of those.

The best alcohol content material beers on the planet are actually extra harking back to whiskey than beer. Moreover, they need to be handled as such. You’re not going to need to drink a 67.5% beer the identical means you get pleasure from a pleasant craft beer.

In terms of excessive ABV beer produced in America, a lot of the strongest choices are proper across the 20% alcohol by quantity mark. You possibly can definitely drink one (perhaps two) of those extra like your typical beer. Nevertheless, with such excessive alcohol content material it might not style the way in which you need.

Lastly, our gentle beer choices are very customary and widespread beers. Particularly amongst school college students. No matter how a few of you are feeling about consuming Bud, Natty, or malt liquor, these are nice low-calorie choices that’ll get you buzzed. So, put away you’re 4% Michelob and seize one thing a little bit stronger.


Beneath are steadily requested questions concerning the best alcohol content material beers. Many of those are answered within the article above.

What Beer Has the Highest Alcohol Content material?

Brewmeister Snake Venom is the strongest beer on the planet. It is available in at 67.5% ABV, so don’t anticipate it to be harking back to the beer you recognize and love.

What American Beer Has the Highest Alcohol Content material?

Sam Adams Utopias is the strongest beer brewed in America. It’s 29% alcohol by quantity, however it prices about $200 for a 12 ounce bottle.

Which Mild Beer Has the Highest Alcohol Content material?

It actually is determined by what you classify as gentle beer. Bud Mild Platinum is likely one of the highest abv gentle beers. It has 6% ABV and 139 energy.



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