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Anchor Steam Clone Recipe

The “Steam” In Steam Beer

There may be a variety of dialogue concerning the identify steam beer. There are a number of theories as to what the steam in steam beer means.

Steam was the nickname used to explain these beers brewed with out refrigeration. This meant that the breweries must discover a technique to shortly cool the boiling wort as a way to switch to the fermenter.

Cooling with out refrigeration would contain transferring the beer into shallow, open vessels known as cool ships. The cool ships can be situated close to or on the roof of the breweries to permit cool air to move over them which might ship out enormous billows of steam, therefore the identify steam beer.

One other idea is that the beer was served extremely carbonated. With the intention to pour such a extremely effervescent beer, you would need to let off the surplus CO2 or “steam”.

As soon as refrigeration was launched steam beer fell out of favour and the which means appears to of disappeared within the mists of time.



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